Tuesday, August 23, 2016

International Criminal Court nabs another naughty Negro

I think that takes the ICC's record over almost twenty years to four black Africans and... and nobody else.

That's right! While the ICC's mandate is to prosecute genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, the ICC can only find these heinous crimes among black Africans.

Latest heinous war criminal to be exposed is Ahmed al Mahdi. His crime? He ordered the destruction of some historical mausoleums in Timbuktu.

Yup, he's admitted that he is a war criminal. The story got big-time press all over the Nations of Virtue. Even my Globe and Mail had a fawning editorial about how great this breakthrough was for the cause of humanity and civilization.

As well it should be... after all, what could be a worse case of war crimes or genocide or crimes against humanity than ordering the destruction of historical artefacts that Western elites consider "important?"

Which is where this story confuses me.

If ordering the destruction of historical artefacts is a "war crime," what is causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians with a brutal sanctions regime?

What is it when you cause tens of thousands of Iraqis to die in an illegal invasion?

What is it when you destroy entire societies like Libya and Syria?

Apparently, whatever it is when you do those things, it doesn't rise to the level of "war crime" or "crime against humanity."

No, because if it did, we'd have to ask why Tony Blair and George W. Bush and Barack Obama aren't being prosecuted for their crimes against humanity.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Where is this Trump thing going, and why?

I think American society has reached a tipping point. There are too many people who realize that the status quo is not working in their interest. In a "democracy," that signals change.

And we're not talking about change between a Wall Street friendly GOP vs. a Wall Street friendly Democratic Party. We're talking about real substantive change. As in fuck Wall Street, lets take America back from the banksters.

It is noteworthy that this anti-status-quo groundswell is happening in spite of the best efforts of the corporate media. In a nutshell, too many folks have concluded that the corporate or mainstream media are nothing more than the propaganda arm for the Wall Street crowd.

There are certainly manifold ironies around the fact that it's a Manhattan billionaire who has become the standard bearer for this groundswell of anti-establishment sentiment. But, there are reasons why it couldn't be anyone else.

The Citizens United case essentially slammed the coffin lid on the last vestiges of democracy in America. That left the American public vulnerable to the machinations of whichever political machine could mount the most persuasive advertising campaign.

Or, in Trump's case, to the machinations of a media personality who was able to massage his celebrity status and name recognition into a broad-based populist campaign.

The reasons that Trump's alleged misogyny, racism, hooliganism, and overall boorishness don't hurt his campaign is that these traits prove that he is not part of the political establishment, and the people are screaming enough already at that establishment. That's why they're going to Trump rallies.

That's why they're going to vote Trump in November.

What happens after that is anybody's guess.

Who was that famous Canadian aerobatic pilot who flew out of Waterloo Regional Airport in the 60s and 70s?

Maybe he wasn't all that famous if I can't find him on the world wide web.

But he was practically part of the wallpaper of my youth. He'd fly out of Waterloo Airport in Breslau and practice his stunts for hours on end in the general vicinity of Maryhill, a few miles north of the airport.

I lived a few miles south east of Maryhill at the time, and I totally recall the sight and the sound of his practices.

On any given summer afternoon you'd see and hear his bi-plane (I want to say it was a Pitt Special but I'm not sure) doing loops and rolls and spirals in the air around Maryhill for hours on end.

I don't know this for sure, but I think he died in a plane crash.

Who was he?

Sunday, August 21, 2016

While I was being bent over a work-bench to get my free-trade bonus, this guy was predicting that "free trade" would mess me up

He was right.

The free trade dream has been the darling of politicians in the Nations of Virtue for practically two generations now.

How could it not be?

Free trade!


It's inevitable, the global media conglomerates have been telling us forever.

Jobs jobs jobs that old shit-bag lyin' Brian Mulroney used to tell us when he was on the campaign trail.

Yup. Jobs jobs jobs.

He forgot to mention that it was gonna be jobs jobs jobs for Mexicans and pogey pogey pogey for us dumbfucks in Canada.

Then he drastically cut back the pogey.

Thanks, Brian!

Have to admit I was a little late to the game.

Martin Jacques had it figured out way sooner.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

While Obama plays golf, the wily Erdogan plays Obama

Funny how the biggest crisis to hit America's foreign policy establishment since the Cuban Missile Crisis rarely makes it to your evening newscast.

Somewhere between 50 and 90 nuclear warheads stored at Incirlik Airbase have been effectively out of US control for well over a month now. That's a situation that should be more than newsworthy, but you pretty much have to rely on piddly blogs like this one for the story, because some lying US swimmers in Brazil are sucking up all the news air on the US networks.

Wayward nukes vs. wayward swimmers...

What's the bigger story?

Erdogan has been making nice with Russia since the failed coup. Been making nice with Israel too, which fact should be snapping necks in the Beltway, but apparently is not. We're not far from Uncle Sam holding his pecker in his hand outside the tent while his former supplicants plot the future inside the tent.

A future that relegates the aging and increasingly irrelevant Uncle Sam to a rocking chair on the front porch of irrelevance while his former minions plot a new course for world affairs?

It's about time.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Donald and Hillary; a match made in... error?

I see where the erstwhile liberals at the VOX website have finally seen fit to suggest that maybe the Donald and Hillary show is just that, a show.

The think tank here at Falling Downs has been kicking that concept around for awhile now. Nice to see the mainstream folks catching up!

After all, anybody who looks at the two candidates squarely and fairly will realize that Donald is the liberal and Hillary is way off to his right wing.

Would Donald the semi-successful condo developer agree to run interference for these up-starts from Arkansas?

I don't see why he wouldn't. We know Donald is a rank opportunist, and being the muse behind the Queen of Chaos would have to qualify as a virulently rank opportunity, if nothing else.

Maybe the original plan has been outpaced by circumstances. I mean, no serious person in America every imagined that Trump would actually clinch the GOP nomination. I would guess that both Hillary and Donald would be included in that "no serious person in America" conglomeration.

So Donald J. Trump agreed with his pals, the Clintons, that he'd take a run at the GOP nomination, just to stir up shit and make things complicated. In the course of so doing, Trump accidentally hit the mother-lode of anti-establishment venom.

That mother-lode has proved to be deeper and more venomous than either  Donald or the Clintons could have imagined. Now the imperial couple have a problem; Donald loves the Clintons, he really has no interest whatsoever in being president, but he's got a huge swath of America that's bought into his schtick and wants to make him POTUS.

That's quite a mind-fuck, is it not?

Doug Bland's "Time Bomb" and the wounds that keep on bleeding

I bought Bland's book maybe two years ago, but only got around to reading it last weekend. Ya, that internet is a crazy thing. For me personally, as long as my computer was plugged into a wall, I was more easily able to get away from it; shame myself into at least getting away from the computer to get some fresh air.

Then progress bestows upon me a laptop and wi-fi, and before you can say "massive time theft" I can spend untold hours on the laptop IN the fresh air... at the picnic table, on the porch, in a lawnchair a hundred feet away under the shade of the apple tree...

Thanks to "progress," I've got at least three dozen books sitting in the front room waiting to be read.

A brief synopsis; Douglas Bland is raising a warning flag about the possibility of a widespread Indian insurgency that could potentially cripple the Canadian economy in short order. He gives us a Cole's Notes highlight reel of some of the more onerous injustices that have been imposed on Canada's First Nations, and makes a very plausible case for why that will eventually lead to blow-back.

He also provides a detailed roadmap for the "how" of that coming uprising. He correctly points out that there are many bottlenecks in Canada's energy and transportation infrastructure that could be shut down with the most modest of resources. For example, there's one bridge in Northern Ontario that, were it to be rendered inoperative, would effectively shut down 100% of east-west road traffic and 50% of rail traffic. That's just one bridge, and it wouldn't take more than a handful of motivated natives to pull that off.

So what happens when you've got thousands of bridges and tens of thousands of motivated Indians? Read the book. Heck, at times I thought he was writing a handbook for future First Nations Insurgents!

I think the reason the book reads like that is because Bland writes from the perspective of a career Canadian Forces guy who is assessing the prospects of a potential insurgency from a professional perspective. He also gives some tips to the other side on how to minimise the risk of such an insurgency.

These range from the highly laudable "get serious about negotiating with FN people" to the somewhat cynical "divide and conquer" strategy. Yes, the chances of a serious insurrection are reduced when you can block the FNs from forming a unified front against us white folks.

A half hour up the road from where I'm writing this, there's a small reserve where over eighty young native boys were molested by a single priest between the 1950s and the 1980s. When the better part of a generation of young men are crippled by abuse, it should be no surprise that this community struggles with the fallout to this day. These are the wounds that keep on bleeding.

I'm of the mind that we colonials owe a huge debt to our indigenous population. There are times when forward motion seems to be in the winds. As I was reading this book news came out that the federal government had apologised to the Sayisi Dene for their forced relocation from their traditional caribou hunting grounds.

Too little, too late, perhaps, but at least a step in the right direction... but on the same weekend, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall had to appeal to his citizens to cease and desist from posting racist anti-native comments on social media following the murder of a young Indian man near Biggar.

What's the future of native-white relations in Canada? I don't know, but I want to hope for the best. Reading this book won't necessarily leave you more or less hopeful, but it will leave you better informed.