Sunday, December 17, 2017

RIP Hunter Harrison

I've written about Mr. Harrison often, and never have I had a kind word to say about him. I'm not going to start now.

That's because I want this blog to be a voice for what's left of that shabby construct once known as the "working class." Hunter Harrison was the enemy.

He is being celebrated across the land today for his "unique genius" in figuring out that if you made trains longer and ran them faster you could move a given amount of freight with far fewer employees. That vision made Harrison rich and famous.

During his career he was lauded for making rich investors richer by destroying tens of thousands of good solid working class jobs.

Good luck with that legacy when you show up at the pearly gates.

Nevertheless he was family to some, and we must respect their loss. He had a role to play and he played it very well. The thousands of lives he destroyed in his pursuit of "efficiencies" were just collateral damage.

Nothing personal.

Rest in peace.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sweet home Alabama... is rock and roll racist to the core?

Racism is big these days.

Every white person is a white supremacist.

Here's all the proof you need. Look at those famous white musicians waving the banner of white supremacy...

Ya, OK I guess.

Because that white cohort of working class shmucks who have been watching their jobs get off-shored are more privileged than the black dudes whose jobs went down the globalism shitter.

I don't know... I've always believed that an unemployed black steelworker had more in common with an unemployed white steelworker than he had in common with the sinecured token black professor at the local college, but what the fuck do I know?

It's tough enough being white these days...

I'm just glad I'm not black.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Six issues that a third party would need to focus on to succeed in American electoral politics

Health care. The time for mealy-mouthed excuses is over. America needs single-payer universal health care now.

Tax reform. Back when America was a happening place, the marginal tax rate was 90%. At that rate, America prospered. 

Election finance reform. No, corporations are NOT people. 

An America First foreign policy. Sending working class kids to die in Iraq and Afghanistan doesn't serve America's interests. It is a well known fact that the "war on terror" just creates more terrorists. Stop with that already.

A housing policy that ends homelessness. How does a nation that squanders trillions on war justify hundreds of thousands of her citizens living in the streets? 

Give working Americans a living minimum wage. In the wealthiest country on the planet, every person who bothers to go to work every day deserves a dignified standard of living. 

There you go. That's a bare minimum. If you had a third party espousing those causes, you'd see a third party sweep at every level of America's vaunted "democracy."

Why the Alabama special election signals hope for America

Big Media (BM) are full of stories these past few days about how the Jones triumph is reigniting hope for a floundering Democratic Party. Yessiree, first Dem victory in 'Bama in a quarter century and all that.

That's not where I'm seeing the hope.

No, the hope lies in the fact that in the most-hyped election in recent memory, a mere 40% of the eligible voters bothered showing up at the ballot booth.

That means, in spite of all the cartoonish hype generated by the Democentric media, a substantial majority of Alabamians refused to dignify this spectacle with their participation!

This tells me that most voters are wide open to a third party initiative that addresses their real needs and concerns.

There is hope for America!

North Korea prepares to unleash secret weapon on USA

Shannon Gormley, the heavyweight "global affairs columnist and freelance writer" at the Ottawa Citizen had a global scoop today with the revelation that Kim Jong-Un has a secret weapon up his sleeve; a 6,000 strong nerd army ready to unleash cyber-mayhem on America!

Yup, a nerd army!

Be afraid, America... be very afraid!

And wouldn't you know it, they're getting help from those gosh-darned towel-heads 'o terror, the Ayatollahs.

Gormley does mention one of the flaws in this scenario, namely the fact that Kim Jong-Un is the only guy in the country with an internet connection, and the only other person allowed access is Mrs. Kim when she's buying stuff on Amazon.

So obviously that nerd army is already set up amongst us, a veritable fifth column as it were.

This got me thinking. Where are you most likely to encounter Koreans in the course of your day? Why, in your friendly neighbourhood variety store, that's where! And what are those "friendly" Koreans doing every time you walk in?... why, they're on the internet of course!

Until I read this story, I never gave that a second thought. Now I'm wondering, are these nice Korean families who work their butts off 24/7 overcharging you for everything from rolling papers to newspapers really North Korean sleeper agents? Are they part of that nerd army ready ready to spring on an unsuspecting public on a moments notice?

That's something to think about... thanks for the heads up, Shannon!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Alabama special election - political theatre at its finest

US-style democracy truly is the greatest show on earth! The Jones-Moore rumble had a little bit of everything... it was so perfect you'd almost think it was scripted by the same folks who gave you a steady parade of heroes and villains battling it out back in the heyday of the WWF.

In this corner, the bad guy, an old white former judge and reputed but never-prosecuted child molester, and in that corner, an old white guy who jailed some KKK types and ran on a platform of equality and inclusivity.

Ya, it's just two old white guys running for the senate, but this time it really really matters!

Even though the pervy judge was the early fave, you could see the tide turning. For the last few rounds he was on the ropes. His corner-men pulled out all the stops. Robo calls from Trumpenstein. A flames-o-hell speech from Satanic Steve...

It was a nail-biter to the very end, but the forces of righteousness prevailed!

Democracy is alive and well in America!

An old white dude finally made it into the Senate!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Winter again...

If there's anything good to be said about Winter this year, it's that we were more or less prepared for once.

The Mustang and the Ninja are safely out of the snow.

I meant to get the Ford 4000 tractor out of the snow too, but you can't get around to everything.

There was a couple of winters here at Falling Downs when the Ford was our go-to snow clearing technology.

You'll notice that there's not an app for that. No, to clear the snow out your drive still requires old-school technology.

But all this snow has got me cruising the Kijiji ads for used sleds.

I've had a few, but nothing for many years.

When you've got the Family Responsibility Office and various other government offices lying in wait to pick the fat off your paycheque every week there's not much chance of a sled in the garage. And by the way, they don't just pick away at the fat; they get right down to the gristle.

But that's behind me now.

So I've been contemplating a new sled. You can get a nice deal on a new  MXZ TNT. The TNT moniker always gets my attention. Way back in the first wave of sleddery the TNT Ski-Doos were the go-to hotrod for the snow.

Unless you got your hands on a Rupp Nitro... which I actually did for a brief moment way back when.

The new sleds are a fool's bargain though. Ten thou for something you might, if you're lucky, get six weeks use of in a calendar year? That's retarded.

Better to comb those Kijiji ads for something a little older that's got some life left in it. Like that 800 Arctic Cat I saw tonight. Clean and tight and almost like new. The guy wants $2200.

Think I'll offer him $1500 and we'll see where things go.