Friday, September 23, 2016

Guardian unearths vast anti-Clinton conspiracy again

You remember the Guardian, one-time bastion of all that was good about the fourth estate?

Well, they've come a long way. As in a long way down the toilet. Dispassionate dispenser of objective truths?

Forget about it.

Take a gander at this Guardian scoop; Who is Palmer Luckey, and why is he funding pro-Trump trolls?

Palmer Luckey is the kid who founded Oculus, which he sold to Zuckerberg for 14 trillion dollars when he was only eleven years old. Or something.

According to the Guardian, Luckey has been using his vast fortune to fund anti-Hillary trolls on Reddit... because, I guess, that could be a game changer???

The Guardian has made a name for itself by laying waste to all the conventions of what was once considered proper journalism with its anti-Trump vendetta over the past year. Little do they realize that anti-Clinton trolls don't need funding.

Their motivation is the fact that they truly believe Hillary would be so much worse!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Yes, Virginia, there is a black working class

I find it truly abominable that mainstream media pretend there isn't and never was a black working class. Stories about the travails of the white working class such as the one at CNN referred to in the previous post ignore the black working class altogether. In CNN's world, blacks are either social activists, entertainment industry bigs, welfare layabouts, gangstas, or in prison.

Here's a story from Al Jazeera back in February that you may find a little discombobulating if you're accustomed to reading the piffle on view at CNN. You get background, context, depth... all those things J-schools supposedly teach but which their few graduates who find paid employment in America's mainstream media seem totally unaware of.

Who knew that sixty years ago the very county that CNN focused on to explain and exploit the demise of the white working class had a population that was one quarter black? Nobody who gets their news from CNN, that's for sure.

It's an excellent read. You'll meet black folks, men and women, who are to this day employed in the West Virginia coal industry. You'll meet black folks who counted white co-workers among their best friends (class solidarity forever!) You'll even meet employed blacks who are contemplating, God forbid, a vote for the uber-racist Donald J. Trump!

Highly recommended.

CNN finds the face of America's white working class

"She [Hillary Clinton] wants to shut down the coal industry -- that's gonna put me out of a job. Wouldn't be real smart to vote for somebody who's gonna put you out of a job." -- Ryan Barnette, 34

The face of the white working class belongs to Ryan Barnette. I'm guessing Ryan's mug was chosen to represent the white working class because his picture ticks a lot of boxes for the stereotypes that media elites harbour about those people; scruffy, dirty, obviously a marginally literate Trump supporter with considerably less than a college education... probably looking to score his next fix of hillbilly heroin. Maybe he can't wash up because his trailer doesn't have running water?

Stereo-types aside, we learn that Ryan is a coal miner in West Virginia. Talk about an endangered species! You'd have to ask CNN why they splashed his picture all over their platform without giving the guy a chance to wash up. That would seem to me a very basic courtesy, but hey, the picture works better like this.

You're being used, dude!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

That dude must have balls the size of cantaloupes

Watched a bit of the Trump rally in Ft. Myers yesterday. Apparently scalpers were out reselling tickets to this shindig, which, if true, is unprecedented in American electioneering history. By all accounts it's not happening in the ever-lamer Clinton campaign.

But what caught my eye was the solitary black dude in the frame of the main camera focused on the stage. I'm not saying he was the only black guy at the rally, but he was the only one visible to me.

That's gotta take some serious cajones!

Not because of what might happen to him at the Trump-fest, but for what might happen later when the local chapter of BLM tracks him down.

Good luck to ya!

About that 38 billion dollar "aid" package to Israel

There's a lot of commentary across the spectrum about the recent aid package Washington negotiated with Israel. At one end of the spectrum you've got folks claiming that isn't nearly enough. At the other end you've got all kinds of folks with their knickers twisted up over the fact that Obama can find 38 billions in aid for the State of Israel, but the cupboard is bare when it comes to aid for US states like Mississippi, West Virginia, and Arkansas, which are by any metric poorer than Israel.

You're missing the point, folks... this is "military" aid, not good old regular run-of-the-mill do-gooder aid. In fact, what you're looking at here is 38 billion dollars in free money to America's military-industrial mafia. This foreign aid should be seen as a subsidy to the bombs & bullets sector of America's manufacturing economy, not as "foreign aid."

What the hell would Arkansas and Mississippi do with 38 billion dollars worth of military aid?

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Me and Trump

Have to say I was never much of a Trump fan.

I read his "Art of the Deal" book back in the day, and mostly I recall shaking my head and muttering "what an asshole" on pretty much every page. I was especially chagrined by his germ-phobia that prevented him from shaking hands with the commoners.

Looks like he's gotten over that.

But, what I took away from the book was that at the very end he went out of his way to pay respect to the union workers who build his shit. It was a step outside of the overall tone of his tome. He didn't have to do that, but he did.

By the time his next book came out, he was in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings of some sort. "Of some sort" is the key clause here, because after multiple bankruptcy proceedings it is apparently true that, as he claims, he has never filed for personal bankruptcy.

And why would he? Apparently his dear daddy Fred left a legacy of some 15,000 apartment units in NYC, and I've never seen any stories about them being sold off, so I assume they're still somewhere in Trumps portfolio. Given the nature of real estate inflation over the past forty years or so, that alone would make Trump a multi-billionaire, no matter what he did or did not achieve on his own account.

Those bankruptcy proceedings were hugely entertaining. I remember reading shit about how he needs to keep his yacht because it was a platform for hosting fundraisers for charitable organisations. As I recall, the courts let him keep it.

When I was at Frankel we fabbed up the steel for a new Trump casino in Atlantic City. We were a well paid union shop and as far as I know everybody got paid. The Trump casino initiatives eventually went tits up, but not before Trump won huge on them.

But that's the capitalist way, is it not? Move in fast, make your money, let the taxpayer clean up your mess. That happens everywhere all the time. You can't blame Trump for inventing predatory capitalism. And where is capitalism not predatory?

When Trump announced his candidacy for a 2016 White House run I initially thought Mountain Dew Comacho. Yup, Trump is gonna give real-world cred to the film Idiocracy. It's not sci-fi anymore; it's a documentary.

Then he trashed the non-fiction GOP candidates in the primaries, and suddenly I had a new view of Donald J Trump.

Hey! This guy could actually bring down America's rancid, rotten, self-dealing political establishment!

And he could.

That's why the entire right wing of the GOP and the entire PNAC crowd have been deserting the GOP and aligning behind Hillary.

And that's why, if you're against perpetual war, if you're against universal "free trade," if you're against more of the same old same old, you need to take a chance on Donald Trump in November.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Shocking truth revealed: Reverend Al Sharpton actually a white supremacist in black-face


How else to explain THIS photo:

How else to explain this handshake with the ultimate white supremacist of all time, Donald Trump?

Ya, I know the part of Reverend Al sticking out the top of his suit jacket always looks black, and that in itself should be a tip off. How many black activists do you know who wear suit jackets 24/7?

That's a white mans gig right there.

If Al was a genuine black dude he'd be wearing a hoodie, would he not?

And look at the hands in that handshake. Are those not two white hands in a brotherly grip?


Unless maybe Trump is not the uber-racist that he's been painted as by the mainstream media...

Unless that was a handshake of genuine collegiality we're looking at here...

Trump and Sharpton; brothers under the skin-tone...